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One Stop Shop

Don't offer Radon testing? You do now! With American Radon Solutions as your partner you can offer your clients one stop shopping for there Home Inspection needs.

Flexible Schedule

Our Flexible schedule allows us to place and retrieve the Radon Test at or around the same time as your inspection.

Fast Reports

You will have the full Radon reports, within 24 hours or less after the test has been retrieved


The Dreaded Radon Question!

Should I test for Radon, and what if it comes back high? The truth of it is, that Radon is very prevalent in every community in Northern Ohio, but radon awareness and education is very low. As the Radon Testing and Mitigation professional on your Team, American Radon Solutions welcomes the opportunity to speak with your clients about Radon and the Mitigation Process. Testing is EASY and Inexpensive. No House should go untested. Never fear a high Radon test result, a properly designed mitigation system will easily reduce the high radon levels. Mitigation systems are relatively Inexpensive and very effective.

Buyers Perspective

Every house, Everywhere contains Radon to some degree, how much is the question. It is no secret that there are health risks associated with long term exposure to elevated radon levels. For that reason alone, EVERY house should be tested , even if it has an existing radon mitigation system. The only way to know if the system is working properly is to perform a radon test. In the case where a home needs to have a Radon Mitigation System installed, your buyer should be a part of the contractor selection process, remember, not all contractors are created equal.

Sellers Perspective

Many Sellers and Agents spend so much time, effort, and money on things like , paint, tile, carpet, even rented furniture, to stage their home to ensure a quick sale at the highest asking price possible. What about a Radon test? We receive calls from sellers on a weekly basis that state: "the radon test came back high, the buyers got scared backed out". Don't let all that time, money, and effort go to waste and have to find another buyer. In most transactions we see, the seller usually pays for mitigation. Keep the ball in your court, Test your house before you list it, if the levels are high, fix it. Don't loose a buyer, Close the Deal!