Test It

Radon Testing Services

Testing is a simple process. American Radon Solutions follows strict testing guidelines set forth by the U.S. EPA and the Ohio Department of Health to ensure the accuracy of your 48 hour test.

Closed House Conditions

All Windows and doors are to be kept closed, other than normal entry and exit of the home.

All exhaust fans, bath fans, air ventilators must be turned off.

Wood stove and fireplace flues must be closed, unless it is the primary source of heat.

Operate you Furnace and Air Conditioner as normal.

This must be done for 12 Hours Prior to the test, and 48 Hours during the test.


Radon Mitigation

Every Home is different, after and On Site survey of you property, we can custom design your system to properly lower the level of radon in your home.

The Basic Process

The basic principal is to create an negative pressure under the concrete slab or crawlspace membrane where the radon gas is originating. An extraction point (hole) is drilled through the concrete floor. A PVC pipe is routed from the extraction point (or Points) to the exterior of the building. The pipe is then connected to a properly selected in-line fan. This fan runs all of the time, causing the Radon Gas to be ducted from under the home and vented to the atmosphere.

Radon Mitigation FAQs

Q: Can you just give me a price over the phone?

A: No 

 #1 No two houses are exactly the same, so to quote a job without seeing what is involved, or to give a set price for all homes is an unethical business practice.

 #2 The Ohio Department of Health requires that ALL licensed mitigation contractors perform an on site inspection to properly design and quote a radon mitigation system

Q: Do I have to have a pipe and fan on the outside of my House?

A: No, in many homes we can route a mitigation system through attached garages, interior closets, and attic spaces, exiting the roof.

Q: How do I know my newly installed Radon Mitigation System is working?

A: At American Radon Solutions, we provide a post mitigation radon test to ensure the performance of your system.

Q: Can the radon fan be mounted in the basement?

A: No, the radon fan must be mounted outside of the living space.

Q: Can the Suction pipe be mounted in the sump crock cover?

A: Yes, but is not recommended. Doing so would not create a permanent system, and makes it much more difficult and costly to service or replace your sump pump.